About Darryl

Darryl Whalen is the owner/operator of Healthy Painting, L.L.C. and has been a painting contractor since 1978. Born in the eastern Midwest, he lived the better part of his 41 years in Cleveland, Ohio and then moved to the Puget Sound Area in 2002; a place he is fond of to this day.darryl-image

As a lifelong musician and DJ in semi-retirement, Darryl was seeking to satisfy his desire to participate in creative, specialized media outlets, as well as contribute positively to the world at large. He met with the beginnings of success in his quest when, in late 2010, Darryl created the Healthy Homecast Podcast program and proudly produced its first episode in January, 2011. The program put a primary focus on interviews related to environmentally conscious product, practice and service providers in the construction field.

After 21 episodes, Darryl made a conscious shift, wanting to interview a much broader group of individuals and subjects. Thus the podcast program evolved and moved into GreenerViews.

And now, after 48 inspiring, information filled episodes of archived interviews, the scope has once again shifted; this time to a much more bold and honest approach in addressing the urgency of the interrelated problems all forms of life on this planet face. GreenerViews realizes that we need higher-than-standard solutions and principled changes NOW. But what are they? There are people with integrity who can guide us as to what these are — or might be. Designed to stir up critical thinking skills, inspiration, and a sense of urgency we’ll need to reach solutions, the program now features these human motivators of RAW and REAL change. And who knows…, this may even renew a sense of Reverence for Life that many of us have let fall away through the years. We can only hope…

Or can we?

Welcome to GreenerViews and the Healthy Homecast Network!