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Addressing the urgency. Making the change.

Our podcasting journey began several years ago with Healthy Homecast, which focused primarily on eco contracting/construction, healthy home services and green building products.

At the one-year mark, we changed the name to GreenerViews, mixing Healthy Homecast’s related show topics with a broader range of topics and conversations.

As yet another year passes; we are undergoing a vastly aggressive transformation of the program. That’s because, as podcast creator/co-host and well into middle age, I find myself in fervent disagreement with many of humanity’s “acceptable” actions/behaviors.

While I can say that I’ve never fully assimilated to general populous, I must admit that the curious contentiousness and wild, rebellious spirit of my early life had exchanged itself for an all-too-common mediocrity that grew as the years passed.

And, though I encountered (and was inspired by) many extraordinary people in my life’s journey up to this point, I can see now that fear stood as a roadblock to many opportunities afforded to me along the way.

This brings a quote to mind:

“It has become apparent that attempting to solve dilemmas, simply by covering them with bandages or attempting to give them new faces, is futile.”

And so, as I reflect on my original intent of the podcast and review what solutions were offered for the problems I had addressed therein, I have come to a fork in the road, so to speak.

The renewed intent of GreenerViews will be to right the wrongs (I wrote about earlier) by first identifying a topic’s root cause of downturn; this will be a shared effort. Next we’ll look at how the topic has journeyed through history. We’ll conclude with offering whatever revealed solutions are best for healing and change; viable steps that any one of us can take.

At present, our society (acting collectively) glorifies the manifestations of industrialization, technology and progress, thinking that this marks us as progressive and civilized. Our own individual satisfactions, securities and welfare are taking precedence over all other human and non-human animals, which are continuously mistreated, exploited and murdered for our supposed benefit.

Actions and ideologies such as war, greed, hatred, judgment, entitlement, etc… are justified, embraced and often even celebrated.

In contrast, words such as compassion, peace, kindness, non-violence and love are largely absent from our voices. Sincere actions and ideals associated with such terminology has become rare and may even be thwarted or shunned by society; the very ideas of such things are often discounted as unrealistic, lame, utopian, hippy rhetoric, and are therefore not to be considered or taken seriously.

While there are those who proclaim adherence to the 10 Commandments, The Golden Rule, The Hippocratic Oath, and other like tenets of admirable moral code, their actions often tell a different story. Furthermore, the majority of individuals either doesn’t care about or abhor such principles. Apathy or individualized “rules” matter more.

“Life is a precious gift! It is something to be grateful for, humbled by and to hold in reverence. No individual being, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, race, sexual preference, animal type (human, non-human), country of residence, religion, class, wealth, intellect, etc… is better, more important or more entitled than any other.”

A point of personal reference here: I am a vegan, a pacifist, a population advocate, an environmentalist and a feminist. These are my main core values that I hold dear and make every attempt to thus “walk my talk.”

My life is guided by GOD and prayer, yet does not follow ANY religion formulated and organized by mankind. The principles of The Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments and The Hippocratic Oath serve as foundational platforms for attaining my personal goal(s).

Social Darwinism, cultural relativism, corporatism, nationalism, speciesism or most any “ism” that causes judgment, hatred, separation, hurting, hunting, killing, dividing or depriving serves no function, whereas Reverence for Life serves every being.

A select few of the many individuals that inspire and motivate me are: Buckminster Fuller, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Nikola Tesla, Peace Pilgrim, Fred Rogers, George Carlin, Mohandas Gandhi, Bill Hicks, César Chávez, Gary Francione, Amy Goodman, Cindy Sheehan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Coretta Scott King, Gary Yourofsky, and Joan Dunayer.

We at GreenerViews do not consider ourselves self-righteous; we make sincere efforts to keep our humbleness in check. Nor do we think that we are doing anything outside of speaking our own truths. We do not possess intellects any greater than that which our consciences guide us towards.

We trust that there will be outspoken friends and foes of our program and we expect to learn from them all.

We recognize that we are very fortunate to be able to speak our minds on most any idea, yet do not expect anyone to accept anything purely based on that freedom. Personally, I believe that many accepted ideas of principles that exist are unfair, misunderstood and misrepresented. Oftentimes, they are simply 100% wrong.

Do we really expect to make much of an impact with this program?

Do we expect that there will retractors and those in opposition to our conversations?

Is humanity perhaps meant to engage in a permanent, cyclical, entropic dance of doom until the resulting wasteland is handed back to Nature?

Our concerns and efforts are in creating new paradigms and viable realities that align with what we believe to be right and in accordance with our core values. The results are yet to be known.

Does our view of things make us negative, disgruntled, angry and hopeless individuals? Quite to the contrary, though let’s face it: Having positive aspirations and affirmations of hope for a renewed and righteous planet will not reverse any of the damage we’ve already done. We absolutely must do something! But we must first change our minds and beliefs in order to change our actions.

If we tell each other that something is not possible, are we not denying the very existence of possibility… or of miracle?

The urgency of the matter requires that we hold each other to task and speak to these truths. Much more so, we must take action!

About The Program


General News & Commentary

We will be presenting urgent news items and connective events that are happening locally (within the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound Area), nationally, and globally.

We will then present commentary that we hope will stir critical thinking and provoke laughs, tears, screams and solutions.

We will always encourage podcast feedback from our general listeners as well as from those who are much better suited to speak on the particular matter we highlight.


Expect regular interviews with local, national and global individuals/groups that are often considered as forerunners of change.

*NOTE: We will not be offering light interviews but rather we’ll ask our guests to validate their commitments, be honest about the possible future of their causes/concerns, and explain how people can help or join their efforts to make improvements where needed.

Recurring Informational Segments

Ongoing Informational segments offering insights and alternatives to matters that connect us all and should therefore be considered important to us all, such as:

  • Human Rights/Abolition
  • Animal Rights/Abolition
  • Authentic Veganism
  • Health – Diet, Exercise
  • Food Matters (quality, availability, etc.)
  • Reducing, Recycling, Reusing And Resisting Use
  • Toxins, Pollutants And Chemicals (air, land, water & food) – Safe And Responsible Alternatives
  • Population Advocacy
  • Anti-War (Peace) Advocacy
  • Anti-Consumerism Advocacy
  • Financial System Alternatives
  • Energy Alternatives
  • Race And Prejudice Matters
  • Spirituality, Religion and Non-Religious Faith Matters – The Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, Ahimsa, the Hippocratic Oath, the Seven Deadly Sins, etc.

Listener Feedback

Written, recorded and live listener feedback of previous and ongoing program matters will be presented and then responded to with co-host and in-studio guest commentary.

Help Needed

GreenerViews needs talented people to help us reach the next level–

  • Here’s an enriching opportunity for students, professionals or anyone with the interest and ability.
  • Get a chance to exercise your on-air talent!
  • Create and perform your own on-air segment (if you choose to do so).
  • Co-create and co-host episodes or shows (if you choose to do so).
  • Your contributions will be fully credited and acknowledged on our website as well as on all applicable podcast episodes.

Are you someone that does not fear controversy but instead sees it as a crucial tool for crafting positive change and healing?

Do you believe that not nearly enough is being done to ensure the well-being of our future and that the world as a whole is at stake?

Do you believe that a truly loving, compassionate and balanced world is only possible through radical change?

Do you believe that enriching opportunity and quality of life is something that should be afforded equally to all?

Do you adhere to a calling or truth greater than that of anything ever constructed or established by mankind alone?

We are looking for people that don’t take things at face value and who can think BIG.

Someone who isn’t naïve or has their head in the sand regarding life’s realities and hurdles, but rather has the conviction that any one of us can make improvements and therefore a positive difference.

We intend to look for the root source of most, if not all, of the urgent matters of our times in an effort to discover when and where they began, why and how they missed the mark, and if an actual reachable remedy exists.

We intend to seek out the interconnectedness of all things and learn how each singularity affects — whether directly or indirectly — the greater whole. We’ll look at how the current flow of “accepted” ideas and behavior regarding human violence, culture, tradition, racism, rights, economy, health, capitalism, corporatism, spirituality, quality of life, love, and happiness join together as unacknowledged detrimental strongholds. By applying critical thinking skills, we can bring these shadowed ties into the light and expose the widespread damage they cause. Seeing the real problems puts us in the best position to also uncover real solutions.

We are presently seeking voluntary assistance in these areas:

  • Producing/ Production Flow Managing
  • Researching
  • Organizing
  • Social Media Managing
  • Marketing & Promoting
  • Office Administrating
  • Internet Site Maintaining/Design
  • Audio/Video Engineering
  • Creating/Writing Informational And Entertaining Content

For complete descriptions and details of all positions, click the INTERNSHIPS tab at our GreenerViews website.

If this is something that you (or someone you know) may be drawn to:

Send your phone, e-mail, resumé/work experience to:

For an understanding of our past efforts, all 48 of our episodes can be listened to or downloaded on our website:

Also, all of our video episodes can be found on our website or by going to our YouTube channel:

In Closing

I recognize that my past is stained with actions that have been hurtful and harmful and that these actions are inconsistent with the imitable personal traits l now desire to exemplify. My personal quest is to reconnect with any individual or group who has been harmed by my past behavior so I can discover ways to make heartfelt amends. This program and its new direction is part of that effort.

All comments, questions, show topic ideas, requests to be interviewed, requests for internship positions or overwhelming desires to offer generous financial support to the program can be submitted to: info@GreenerViews.net

Thank you for your interest.