GV42: Raw Food School

Nora Lenz: Founder, Facilitator, Coach
***Nora shares information and thoughts on raw food, toxemia, real vs. false hunger, overeating, the importance of making gradual changes and so much moreā€¦***

57 min 51 sec

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GV42 acknowledgments:
Recorded & mixed by: Randy Parcel
Created & produced by: Darryl Whalen www.HealthyPainting.com
Videotaped & edited by: Michael Schwartz www.AmbrosiaDigitalMedia.com
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Intro* John Henry Scully www.SlapJazz.com
Middle* Dan Fajans www.DanFajans.Bandcamp.Com
Outro* JD Hobson www.JDHobson.com