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GreenerViews Book Review

Will You Love Me Still? – By Valya Boutenkoep02_darryl-whalen

Over the past year on our podcast ( ), I’ve had the opportunity to interview many great people who are committed to fostering the well-being of the planet and its population.

Being that they are not local to our area, one particular family that’s always been on our “if only” wish list is the Boutenkos. They are one of the most inspiring groups of people shining brightly today in areas of health, wellness, and so much more.

The footprint that Victoria Boutenko made has moved the rest of her family to join her, honor her, and salute her with a flourish all their own. Take, for instance, Victoria Boutenko’s daughter Valya, who is the author of a children’s book entitled “Will You Love Me Still?”
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New Show Format

ep02_darryl-whalenIt’s 2012 * Welcome to GreenerViews *
New name, new site, bigger focus & commitment

Episode 22 coming on January 23rd

We honor, celebrate and thank all of our guests and staff from 2011!

Please check out this 4 minute video presentation, that flashes back over the past year and explains a little bit about our new direction.

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